Hi!  My name is Jeremiah and you must be extensively roaming the internet to land on this page.  Since this is the about page, I suppose it is a requirement to provide a little information about myself.  So, here it goes.  I am a little off my balance and always using my technology.  Strange at points but simple in others, I am trying to become ‘me’.  I have no f#@king idea what that means.  I guess that is just something you learn over time?  Thus, as this blog grows I will update the about me section as more about “me” is attained. Perhaps, the best and most simple way to share who I am is by age and occupation, respectively 23 and a college student.

I decided to write this blog as hobby.  More so, I write to release my thoughts and my emotions. As such, there is not much content – I have always been a semi private person (attempting to change).  I have to forewarn you that there may never be much content.  I am trying to explore myself and share my experiences to expand my personal growth.  I am not sure where that will take me, but I am now willing to find out.  I appreciate your readership and welcome you to my page.  I hope you find something that is worthwhile.  Although, prepare yourself to be disappointed.

One last note, I am not an avid creator of structuring words together to create a beautiful prose.  By this, I simply mean to state that I barely passed my English studies class.  Really, I’m terrible at most creative avenues.  Possibly, I may share some videos in the future to illustrate my poor cinema skills as an added benefit.  Only time can tell where this page will go….


Feel free to contact me


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