I still love her. 

No, I will not pick up the phone to give her a call or send her a message to see how things are going. That is just the way it needs to be for now. 
Still, I love her with all of my heart. The good memories still linger like a never ending projector and my thoughts still wander to an ideal past and a postcard future. 

I wonder if this will ever change? I doubt so… Like most things in life it will just fade away with each passing year. 


9 thoughts on “Unfortunately 

  1. I am always a firm believer that life sends people a signal when a certain situation is not meant to work. Keep in mind that being in a relationship with the same person more than once is always different. I would suggest you should talk to other women as there’s much more women who live on Earth than men. That way, it will help ease the constant internal pain you are going through with your ex-lover. Life holds too much to dwell on one small piece of your journey. Let your wings spread and experience, new experiences.

    • Yes, I know things are not meant to be. And to some degree, I have moved on. The odd thing is, despite all this time, I still deeply care about her. I am fortunate to have plenty of other great girls pass through my life but just don’t have that connection. I know it doesn’t make since. Heck, it doesn’t fully make sense to me even.

      Thanks for sharing your insights. 🙂

      • Perhaps, we were meant to not understand fully what we feel. The one of many truly unknowns in life. That’s why these sorts of topics been discussed for generations and generations to come.

    • I hope so! In any case, despite a lot of lows, I am happy for the experience. Just wish I could get to the next chapter where things just were and not so much thought. Just faded a little further where you can still reflect, just not live there. If that makes sense.

      • That totally make sense. I want ten years to go by already so i can look back and laugh at all the things i put myself through.

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