Crazy inner thoughts of a soul that feels Lost

Look, my friend.  yes, look over there.  what do you see?

in this moment i see the morning dew grasping onto the shaded side of the rock being overcome with bright rays of sunlight.  the glistening droplets shimmer away in a slow, majestic progression.

wait, why am i talking about a little rock with some moss on it?

yes, i’m ignoring the true feeling tearing at my inner soul – the heartache that is consuming me.  a simple glance, a little thought is all it takes to send me to the abyss.

it persists. for seconds. for minutes. for hours. for days.  i wish i could move on.  love contains so much power and oh how i love you.  yes, despite the way you treated me.  casting me aside.  worse, leaving me for someone else.

oh, take a moment.  what is love?  love is more.  true love is more than a relationship.  more than her.  it is a way of life.

become the journey. explore.  that will put you back on track. now you have the opportunity to live with true Love.


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