Letting go for your love to be happy

So sad, so true. Explained with beautiful honesty that touches the heart…



Recently found blogger who is full of talent.

S. K. Nicholas

swallow a mouthful of wine

swallow a mouthful of me

watch the smoke from my mouth

dance across your body

and watch these hands

do what they want

girl afraid

just wishing to be touched

to be loved like only a lover should

so come on over


make us one through madness

let us find a place where we belong

far, far away

from the trash of what others call life

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Crazy inner thoughts of a soul that feels Lost

Look, my friend.  yes, look over there.  what do you see?

in this moment i see the morning dew grasping onto the shaded side of the rock being overcome with bright rays of sunlight.  the glistening droplets shimmer away in a slow, majestic progression.

wait, why am i talking about a little rock with some moss on it?

yes, i’m ignoring the true feeling tearing at my inner soul – the heartache that is consuming me.  a simple glance, a little thought is all it takes to send me to the abyss.

it persists. for seconds. for minutes. for hours. for days.  i wish i could move on.  love contains so much power and oh how i love you.  yes, despite the way you treated me.  casting me aside.  worse, leaving me for someone else.

oh, take a moment.  what is love?  love is more.  true love is more than a relationship.  more than her.  it is a way of life.

become the journey. explore.  that will put you back on track. now you have the opportunity to live with true Love.