livin’ in the beat

it feels me, and i feel it.  the sway, the emotion, and the vibe.  music.  gosh, i tell ya, music can be everything.

you see, words are powerful and imaginative on their own.  so, when words are combined with a melodic tone the story transforms into a whole new, beautiful prose.

i find a sense of release that can cure or intensify any given mood that i am in.  sadness can intensify. anger can augment.  happiness can explode.  that’s the power of music.  it gets me through life with one beat, lyric, and chord at a time.

although, i didn’t always have a love for music.  it grew from a summer car ride as a kid.  lost in thought, music helped me through that day’s journey.  now with each subsequent day, music continues to prove its worth in my life.

i ask you, as the reader, what’s your relationship with music?  after some serious reflection, it may just be more powerful than you originally thought. 🙂

happy monday!


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