The Same Damn Story from a different person

What is it about love and heartache that has the crushing ability to manifest itself into our thoughts and lives?  The story is not new.  Shared and reiterated through countless blogs, movies, and songs, the story of the broken heart is plagued by the masses.  As of now, I am a member of this defeated society.  Although, the feeling is new struggle for me.  Today and the day before and the day before that I have been carrying an excruciating amount of emotional weight.  The only hope possessed within my soul is that the feeling will pass.  Go away.  Cease to exist.  It has done none of these things.  Thank you heart for taking on another function besides just pumping blood through my circulatory system.

The thoughts of her memory grasp my brain in a moment and remain.  So far, the only escape is by reinventing myself.  Blogging, surfing, and long boarding are all things which I anticipate will create a new understanding of what it means to live life.  They are the things that I have only done once or twice before but have a strong interest to do again.  From here the adventure of life becomes the drive.  From here a person will discover me and restore my faith in love.  I am a believer that you must love yourself before you can expect anyone to love you.  Cheesy and overused but the phrase does hold some merit.

In reality, in this moment, I just want her to care.  I want her to see that I still care.  Mostly, I want to be satisfied with moving on to a beautiful, invigorating chapter in the book of life.  The progress is slow.  The progress is now.  The progress is being made.

What do you say to going on a magical trip?  Absolutely no reason why we can’t.  Unless I make an excuse…



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