When the end co…

When the end comes rushing up at you and everything that you thought was real starts to fall away, you consider the meaning of the life that you lived and you realize that the only thing that means a damn thing at the end is what you loved. And you think of who you loved. And you let it take you home.

Sitting on the couch, late at night, resting my eyes, I overhear this audible, calm male voice.  The lyrics simply speak to me.  At the time, I am taking a break from composing a simple straight-to-the-point letter to a beautiful girl.  A girl that can no longer be called a lifetime companion.  I will enclose this letter with the hope that it will never be sent.  Never be read.  Never be anything.  You know, love is powerful emotion that is never truly understood.  More so, love is only something that can be experienced.


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