So much to write

Some experiences are so vivid and real.

Forever encapsulating.

So deep. So meaningful.

Like words spilling to a page.

Yeah, I’ll put the pen down.

It was meant to stay in my head.


Being In Love is Dangerous

She felt real against my skin
Oh, perfection wrapped in a silk exterior
Claiming everything I could provide

The heart, my friend, knows no boundaries
Has no borders or zones that are off limits

The high is incredible
Words cannot describe… Welcome to Cloud 9

Hopefully, just hopefully
The adventure continues to last
For a lifetime
And beyond

Because the crash…
The crash…
Is brutal, ugly, and deceiving

Just as well, no preparation exists
And physical and mental conditions blur the lines of conciseness
What is real?

This is dangerous territory
Please hold my hand.

A quick story before bed

I open my wordpress app
As the covers inch closer to my neck
This is my time…
To escape … to relate… to share…
My favorite bloggers, writers, poets
Sharing their joy, pain, curiosity…
Outlooks, perspectives, and introspections

Damn this is beautiful.

Then as I close my eyes
To enter a new world of dreams
I say to myself
One more story


I still love her. 

No, I will not pick up the phone to give her a call or send her a message to see how things are going. That is just the way it needs to be for now. 
Still, I love her with all of my heart. The good memories still linger like a never ending projector and my thoughts still wander to an ideal past and a postcard future. 

I wonder if this will ever change? I doubt so… Like most things in life it will just fade away with each passing year. 

I’m ways Ted 

As a moderate drinker I sometimes find myself overindulging on occasion. This would be an understatement to describe last night. No, last night can be described as a massive black hole that swallowed up all the (hopefully) fun memories of the evenings adventures. 

Instead, I found myself waking up in an ER hospital bed with an IV of fluids coursing through my veins and two of my closest people waiting for me to finally wake up. The hospital staff was incredibly friendly and considerate so my stay was pleasant. More importantly, it was short. 

Although, this is not why I write this post. I write because of the analysis of a question currently going on inside my head: Should I eliminate alcohol from my life once and for all?

You see, I believe the answer to be an easy yes. Yet, the answer is never an easy, simple yes or no. The process of a lifestyle change takes time, consideration, and effort. 

This is my first step of many. 

Let’s take a walk as far as possible…